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Brevard Winter Classic January 28 - 29, 2017

GCF Teams Receive a 50.00 Instant Rebate Till December 16

Brevard Youth Soccer Tournaments

Brevard Winter Classic: ................. Jan 28-29, 2017

GCF Teams are invited to play in Brevard's 6th Annual Winter Classic scheduled for Jan 28-29, 2017...

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GCFYSL, PO Box 700146, St. Cloud, FL., 34770-0146  Mail all payments and such to this address.

Recent Headlines

Klinsmann Out As US Coach!!

Who You Gonna Get To Replace Him????

Jurgen Klinsmann has been fired Monday as the head coach of the mens US National Team. Thats all fine and dandy since nobody liked what he was doing but, who are you going to replace him with? Two...

New Information On Heading

Scottish Youth Soccer Joining USA

Study reveals new information on heading's impact on the brain

By Mike Woitalla

U.S. Soccer may soon no longer be the world's only federation that implements...

New FYSA Heading and Playing Up Guidelines

Starting This Fall Season

  • In conjunction with US Soccer and US Youth Soccer, Florida Youth Soccer Association will be instituting a heading ban for players age 10 and younger. In accordance with the recent U.S. Soccer...

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