GCF Game Schedules

Fall 2013

GCF game schedules (GotSoccer) are posted for U15 - U19 teams for Fall 2013 on GotSoccer. The teams are divided by age and divisions.

GCF game schedules for U9 - U14 teams (Division I and Division II) will be posted on the GCF Game Schedules GotSoccer website.

GCF game schedules for U9 - U14 teams (Division III and Division IV) will be posted on the Scoreline website.

GotSoccer: Click GCF Game Schedules GotSoccer or place https://events.gotsport.com/events/Default.aspx?EventID=33844 in your browser’s URL address.

Scoreline:  Click GCF Schedules or place http://gcfysl.scoreline.net/ in your browser’s URL address.

NOTE: The only GCF games that are loaded into the system now are the U15-U19 age group/divisions. Once the GCF U9-U14 schedule is out and posted, those teams can view their schedule.

Note:  team colors for games - The home team should wear light colored jerseys and the visitors should wear a dark color.
ALL BREVARD TEAMS information are on their particular club’s website (weblink is through Brevard Youth Soccer League Clubs (BSL) - http://www.bysl.net) and can be contacted through their club.