GCF Game Schedules

Spring 2015

GCF game schedules (GotSoccer) are posted for all teams for Spring 2015 on GotSoccer. The teams are divided by age and divisions.
GCF games are currently posted (see Important Notes below).

The U8 to U19 divisions are posted and can be found at http://events.gotsport.com/events/Default.aspx?EventID=43279

Instructions for Entering GCF Game Results

GCF Rules of Play (pdf files)
GCF Rules of Play - U11 - U19 - (updated 12/1/2014)
GCF Rules of Play - Modified (U9 - U12) - (updated 12/1/2014)


Note:  Game times and field locations will become available as each club's field assignor posts that day's game times.

Note:  For games this spring, the clubs have made the rule that ALL visiting teams (AWAY) will wear dark colored uniforms (jerseys and socks) and ALL home teams will wear light colored uniforms (jerseys and socks).

Note:  For ALL GCF games, the home team is to provide the Game Card for all home games.