Meeting Minutes - August 2017



Called to Order 7.30 PM Meeting Adjourned 8.25 PM

Meeting called by:    Mike Hyatt
Monthly General Board Meeting
Type of meeting:      (Declarations U9-U14 prior to meeting)

Note taker:
Board Members Attendees:
Not Present:

Competitive  Committee:
Not Present: Guests:
Patty Herodier

Mike Hyatt, Mike Sroka, Patty Herodier. Matt Hutchinson, Todd Phillips


TOPIC                      PRESENTER                                                     DISCUSSION
1.     Call to Order           Mike Hyatt

2. League Officer Reports
President                 Mike Hyatt       -Titusville is having a meeting tomorrow and wishing to 
be a voting member
-Possible open positions on the Board in the near future. Anyone interested, please see the GCF 
Board afterwards.
-AGM: Referee meeting led by Abraham Douglas. Test has been changed to the one US Soccer gives its 
referees. Rhonda Cummings states that all Referee Assignors have already been notified.
A flyer will be created and added to our website with further instructions. GCF is hoping to host a 
-In order to be certified you must:
-take and pass online modular
-take and pass class test
Once they pass the test, GCF will fund monthly classes for referees to learn practical side of 
refereeing. GCF will also refund the referee $50 if and when they attend one class.
istvp   Mike Sroka   Players and Coaches with red cards from Spring 2017 have been disabled on 
GotSoccer and their pass will not be valid.

2nd  VP                Matt               Not Present.

Acting Treasurer     Patty          Profit & Loss report presented for June and July 2017.
Herodier        Ending balances as of 7/31/2017
Checking account: $14,441.32 Savings account: $3, 905 18
Secret ary .             Todd              Not Present.

Director of    Matt     NotPresent. Competition         Hutchinson
Webmaster          Mike Hyatt     No Report
3  Region B Vice   Rhonda   Question on Background Check: "HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ARRESTED". This 
President's                Cummins          applies even if you were a minor.
Report                                          YOU MUST DISCLOSE THIS.
If you have been denied because you did not disclose itand FYSA feels that you ought to have been 
approved, appeal it and there will be a 90 day penalty.
-Background  Check  Cost: Under age of 17: Free of charge 18  plus: $40
-Clubs who host Region B games will be paid $40 per game.
-AGM will be moved back to July for 2018.
-SCSC question why the AGM is not held a couple of months prior to tryouts so that the changes may 
be taken into consideration.

Motion to Adjourn: SCSC Motion to accept: Maitland 2nd  Vote: Stetson
Motion passed and meeting adjourned at 8.20pm Next Meeting: September 11, 2017 at 7.30 pm