All About Forfeits

posted on November 16, 2023

While all effort should be made to play scheduled games, there are circumstances where a forfeit is the only option. To forfeit a game or request a forfeit be awarded submit the Forfeit Request Form to

Requesting a forfeit

If you are unable or unwilling to reschedule a game you can apply for a Forfeit. GCF will review the request and, if awarded, enter a 4-0 score. Submit the Forfeit Request Form to

Reasons to request a foreit:

  • opponent canceled close to game time and rescheduling is not an option
  • you have made ample attemptt to reschedule and the opponent is uncooperative or unable
  • the opponent has indicated they chose to forfeit the game

Forfeiting a Game

If you chose to foreit a game, contact your opponent within ample time for them to cancel the match and referees. Submit the Forfeit Request Form to

Referee Fees

If Referee Fees were paid by your club, you can request that they be reimbursed by the opponent club. GCF can facilitate this action if needed.

Penalty Fees

All effort should be made to play every scheduled game. The following Forfeit Fees may be invoiced depending on circumstances:

Forfeit Fee: $200
Late Cancellation Fee: $250