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Greater Central Florida Youth Soccer League
Rules 2023-24


United States Youth Soccer
Rules 2022-23


Florida Youth Soccer League
Rules & Bylaws


Federation Internationale de Football Association
Laws of the Game

Game Day Check-In Key Rules

  1. Players MUST appear on the Match Card AND have a signed laminated pass.

  2. Coaches MUST show a signed laminated pass to be at the bench. The pass can be for any team of the same club as the team they are coaching. 

  3. Players MAY NOT be written  onto the Match Card. (This protects from players who should be serving a red card being added to another team.)

  4. While a full roster may appear on a match card the maximum players eligible to play are as below. Players in excess of the maximum  must be crossed off the match card and remain at the bench.

  • 13U-19U: Total roster size, including club pass players, is capped at twenty-two.  The Match Card shall list up to 22 players however only 18 are eligible to play.  All others listed on the Match Card shall be crossed out by the referee.  A minimum of 7 players must be listed to start the game.

  • 11U-12U: Total roster size, including club pass players, is capped at 16. Game Card shall list up to 16 players however 9 are eligible to play. Players in excess must be crossed off prior to check-in. A minimum of 5 players must be listed to start the game.

GCF End-Season Playoffs

GCFYSL playoff games are treated as a part of the GCF season and the same rules apply. This includes no-show fines, rostering rules (NO guest players), proper coach and supporter behavior, playing time (U12 and below), etc.

Dual rostered players MUST have played during the season with the playoff team. Players that are "primary rostered" to Premier & Division 1 teams may NOT be added for this event. In the interest of fair play, please respect the integrity of this event. All current rosters and the teams' roster history for the Spring season will be reviewed for compliance. Violations discovered prior to the event may result in disqualification. Violations discovered after the fact will result in forfeits and substantial fines.