Players are automatically suspended when a red card is entered. The suspension is then reviewed by the GCF VP and any needed adjustments are made.

Discipline Report

Find players and coaches serving Red Cards and their status at Red Cards >  Red Card List.

Reporting and Serving

When a player receives a red card during a match it must be reported. While it is the responsibility of the center referee to send in their report we ask that red cards be reported along with entering the score. This alerts GCF to the card.

Pay Fees

Pay fees through GotSport using the buttons below.

So you were shown a Red Card ...

If you are a Player or Coach who received a Red Card follow these steps:

  1. Report the Red Card to your club.

  2. Print the Red Card Completion form.

  3. Pay your fine online through GotSport (see button on this page). This is setup as a form with a fee (links below).

  4. Serve the card at your next FYSA game(s) on the team it was received and have the completion form signed by the Official.

  5. Your Team Manager, Coach or you send a scan or photo of the form to

  6. Before your next game have your Team Manager verify you are no longer redlined on the roster.

  • Suspensions must be served on the same team with which the card was received.

  • Suspensions may be served during an FYSA sanctioned tournament.

  • Players serving cards are not permitted to play in any FYSA event while under suspension, but may serve the cards during those events. A player may be included on the roster for a tournament, sit on the bench, and serve the suspension.

Fees & Form

Fees increased for the 2023-24 season due to an increase in violent conduct (VC) red cards.

Second Caution (DY) and Deny Goal Scoring Opportunity (DGSO): $50
All other offenses:* $100

Second Caution (2Y or DY): $100
All other offenses:* $200

*Abusive Language (AL), Violent Conduct (VC) Minor or Major, Unsportsmanlike Behavior (UB), Serious Foul Play (SFP)

Managers and Coaches Reporting Red Cards

When entering the score please add red cards given and upload the match card showing the referee’s entry. See Entering Scores and Red Cards on the Game Day page.

Red Cards can also be reported by sending an email to Be sure to include the game number, players name and number, the offense, and a description of the offense. Attach the match report if you have a copy.

Suspension Length

Suspensions follow the FYSA Rules section 502. Requests to reduce a suspension should be sent to to be reviewed by the league vice-president.