Match Cards, not rosters, are used for Game check-in.

  • ALL players are required to be listed on the Match Card.


  • Coaches may be written on by the referee after a pass is presented.

  • Maximum Players: Teams must follow the rules on how many players are permitted per match. Any players in excess of the maximum must be crossed off the match report. If attending, the crossed off players may sit at the bench.
    For 15U-19U the maximum is 18 players
    For 9U-14U the maximum is -- players.

Both teams print the Match Card. The Home team is responsible for presenting it to the referee. The Away team has it as a backup.

If you are unable to access the official card contact GCF. As a last resort, fill the Generic Match Card found at for the game.

How to Print the Match Card

  1. Login to GotSport at

  2. Click on Team Management.

  3. Click Matches on the left. If you have multiple teams, you can filter by My Teams and/or Event.

  4. Click the 3 dots to the far right. Choose Print Match Card

    • Keep Standard as the selection.

    • Click Export. This opens a PDF to download or print.

GotSport Help Page - Print Match Card