Prepare for the Season

Maneuver the requirements of a new season start.

Club Admins

Registrars and Admins register teams and prepare team documentts

Team Managers & Coaches

At the team level Game Day procedures must be understood along with what team documents are required.

In progress . . .


Register your teams.

Prepare Rosters

Populate the rosters. Add all players, coaches and managers.

Generate Passes

Generate and distribute passes or allow team managers direct access to the PDFs.

Review Schedule

Check the entire season schedule once published.

How to see the schedule:

  • Public link

  • From within Team Management

  • From within player account

Submit Reschedule Requests

Follow the Reschedule procedure to communicate with your opponent and submit any change requests to GCF.

Prepare for Game Day

Review the required team documents

Have all printed materials ready