Spring Season Start Email

posted on February 19, 2024

Hello Teams,

Thank you for participating in the upcoming GCFYSL Spring Season. We take pride in offering the most competitively balanced league in the state of Florida. The start of the season is just around the corner with opening weekend Feb 24-25. The schedule will be released the weekend of Feb 9. 

We are here to help! The following points of emphasis should get you started on another successful GCFYSL season.

GCF Handbook

The GCFYSL Handbook is available here. This contains the answers to many of your questions. All the information is also available throughout our website.


Your club Point of Contact (POC) is your representative to GCF. They must be included in all communication. When contacting a Club, contact the POC. You’ll find the list here.

Registrars: POCs must be added to all teams as a manager or coach in order for them to receive Team Chat notifications.


Players must appear on the FYSA roster in order to show on the GCF Match Cards. It is MANDATORY that participating players appear on the match cards, they CANNOT be written on. A written-on player is an immediate Forfeit, whether the game is played or not. (This is not new, it has been the rule for multiple seasons and will be strictly enforced. Clubs may protest a game with a written-on player.)

Since the rosters are sourced from the FYSA Registration Event, that is where you will manage them. If your team will need support from club pass players, we suggest you have your Registrar add the potential players now so that you do not need last minute additions.

  • U13-U19 Rosters/Match Cards allow for 22 players (18 allowed to play), you will cross off those players beyond the maximum allowed for a game
  • U11-U12 allow for 16 (all eligible)
  • U9-U10 rosters are not limited, 14 are allowed per game


Once the schedule is released, all known conflicts for the entire season must be addressed during the initial reschedule window. 

Times and fields are assigned by the Home club. For any game with no time or field listed, first contact the Home club’s POC to have it resolved or email admin@gcfsoccer.com.

Always check your Team Account schedule for the  most accurate input. DO NOT assume a game is not scheduled if you don’t see a time on the public schedule. Contact your opponent or GCF.

Some games are played at neutral sites, where both teams travel. There is still a Home and Away team and the Home team is responsible for the Referee fees. 


The open/unlocked reschedule window closes Feb 21. For any game where communication started during the window but a date has not yet been reached, no reschedule fee will be charged.

When requesting a reschedule:

  • Contact your opponent at least 2 weeks before if possible but at a minimum 10 days before the match.
  • It is best practice to offer your opponent options for 3 open dates in the initial request.
  • Use Team Chat to negotiate until a new date is agreed upon. 
  • Be sure to ALWAYS include your POC in the communication so that fields and referees are scheduled.
  • When you advance in an FYSA Cup event, notify your opponent immediately of your schedule change. These are to be automatically granted with proper notice.
  • The Game Change Request form is to be submitted AFTER teams have chosen the new date.

We have changed the Game Change Request form to be submitted by the Home team only since the Home team must schedule the field and referees. When a reschedule fee is due, it will still be charged to the team who requested the change. 

If you receive a Game Change Request be sure to go into GotSport and Agree to it for it to be processed. See When You Receive a Game Change Request on the Reschedules page.

Please remember the Spring schedule is tight. Do not add tournaments on weekends where you already have GCF games scheduled. 

Need more help? See gcfsoccer.com/reschedules

Score Reporting

Scores are due within 24 hours to be entered by the Home Team (after that the Away team is free to enter it). If no red cards were issued, entry is quick and easy using the QR code on the card. The Event Code is gcfs24 and the PIN is 9876.

If a Red Card was issued, you are required to upload the Match Card. Please report the card when entering the score and upload the report. (See instructions on the Game Day page.)

Red Cards

Red cards are carried over from the Fall season. Several cards are still outstanding with fines unpaid. Check the Red Card List published online. Players are not released until the Red Card Completion Form is submitted and the fine is paid. Contact redcard@gcfsoccer.com with any questions.

Throughout the Season

Please note to keep on top of your schedule and player availability throughout the season. 

Be sure to check on player availability at least a week before a game so that you can arrange club pass players as needed. Not having enough players should not be cause for last-minute cancellations.

Best Wishes to all the teams for a safe and fun season!